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119th Command and Control Squadron

  Col Vincent Franklin 

The 119th Command and Control Squadron (CACS) is an enthusiastic team of highly skilled professionals who provide training, standardization and evaluation for Satellite Communication (SATCOM) and Information System Operators. They additionally provide training in systems administration, preventative maintenance, sustainment, configuration management and user support for operation units. They serve as technical experts for the synchronization, planning, system integration and employment of satellite communications and information management systems.

The 119 CACS serves as an asset to the state of Tennessee, providing the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) as well as other Tennessee civilian emergency services with a force ready to react and assist as needed. Individual squadron members served as part of the assistance the state provided following hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma in the fall of 2006. They stand vigilant as a dedicated team of personnel, facilities, and equipment to support military, federal and civilian agencies.