A Promotion for the Tennessee History Books

  • Published
  • By By Tech. Sgt. Daniel Gagnon
  • 134th Air Refueling Wing

In the history of Tennessee, there has never been an active First Sergeant promoted to the rank of Chief Master Sergeant…until now.

Chief Master Sgt. Stanley Drozdowski, a First Sergeant in the 134th Air Refueling Wing was promoted to the highest enlisted rank in the U. S. Air Force on Dec. 3 here.

“It is significant, because traditionally across the country, the only Chief First Sergeant billet that exists is the functional manager at the National Guard Bureau,” said Chief Master Sgt. Richard Parker Jr., Command Chief Master Sergeant of the 134th ARW. “There is no other slotted Chief to be a First Sergeant anywhere in the country.”

The promotion enables Drozdowski to give a unique two fold perspective to the Tennessee Air National Guard.

“It opens doors for a Chief to walk in the commander’s office and sit down and give that Chief perspective,” said Parker. “Which is not only a First Sergeant perspective but a Chief First Sergeant’s perspective to that commander.”

“I think it is pretty invaluable,” said Parker. “It opens doors across the country to certain leadership meetings that he will now be invited to attend as a Chief, but now as a Chief First Sergeant sitting at that table, it opens a lot of doors.”

Drozdowski has a good base of knowledge about a lot of different things that is going to help out his role as a Chief and as an advisor to the commander.  We send our best and brightest, I’m really proud of him and his family for sticking with it” said Parker.

Drozdowski, a 19-year veteran, has been a First Sergeant for six years in different sections including; Security Forces, Mission Support Group, and Wing Staff at McGhee Tyson.

“Having good mentors, good leaders, people directing me in the right place, being prepared, having my Professional Military Education and college done, attributed to my success,” said Drozdowski.

Since Tennessee has never had a First Sergeant Chief Master Sergeant, it’s a rare occasion nationwide, and was thought to be unobtainable.

“With time and patience and doing the right things, I was able to achieve that goal,” said Drozdowski. “It is a great feeling to represent Tennessee as the first Chief Master Sergeant First Sergeant.”  

Drozdowski’s plans are to keep mentoring and leading our Airmen.

“We have a great family here, a lot of great things are happening here in the 134th and I hope it continues,” he said. “As a Chief I hope to continue that legacy of bringing up our Airmen the right way, and developing them into great Airmen and great leaders.”