ANG course prepares Airmen as instructors

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Melissa Dearstone
  • 134th Air Refueling Wing

The Air National Guard Instructor Certification Program is a course designed to teach Airmen how to develop lesson plans and effectively teach them to their fellow Airmen.

ICP is held approximately six times a year and is taught over a two-week, 80 hour, time period.

 “This course is only offered here and teaches our students how to develop and arrange a lesson, and then actually teach that lesson to students,” said Master Sgt. Jesse Ball, ICP instructor. “It is a balance between educational principles, communication and development skills, and also test writing skills.”

 Ball said ICP not only helps with lesson planning and development, but also with overall communication skills.

“ICP opens up an Airman’s overall communication skills to be able to help with their ability to achieve any objective by helping them center and focus on their task or subject,” said Ball. “We go over different methods of instruction and train our students to teach the adult learner and different ways people learn.”

 Ball said this course is taught on a standard that is not just specific to the Air Force but in civilian life as well.

 “When you go out to the colleges or learning institutions you are going to get the same training that we teach in the ICP course,” said Ball. “This course awards three Community College of the Air Force credits as well as 7.6 Continuing Education credits from Pellissippi State Community College.

Staff Sgt, Cody Watson, ICP graduate, said if you are in any teaching environment or you are going to be in a situation where you are going to be teaching then he would highly recommend this course.

 “Before this course it was just handing me a PowerPoint presentation and then I would teach from that without actually taking the time to study it and get a sense of what the main points are,” said Watson. “This is a hard, rigorous course and you have to really apply yourself, but what you get out of it is immeasurable and makes you a better instructor and professional.”

Ball said that any Air National Guard member is able to take the ICP course.

“Anyone who is a trainer or is going to be a trainer in your unit can take this course regardless of rank,” said Ball.

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