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Safety slings hash for Services

9 February 2013 -- McGhee Tyson ANGB, Tenn. - Lt. Col. David Cline, Chief of Safety, and Senior Master Sgt. Mike Smeltzer, NCO in charge of Safety, spent part of their lunch hour serving their fellow airmen at the Rocky Top Dining Facility here Oct. 27.
"The purveyors of safety are slinging hash to say thank you to Services for their outstanding safety program that they've had during the past year," said Smeltzer.
We're here "to recognize Services for their outstanding safety practices...and the outstanding safety record they have, and the outstanding job that they perform for this unit," said Cline.
Smeltzer said their presence in the dining facility was for more than just recognizing the Services flight. He said it was also about reminding all of the members of the 134 ARW to be safety conscious.
"I think the more we are in front of the people, and give them awareness about safety, (the more) they pick right up on it," said Smeltzer. "And that's really a great thing about the 134th, it comes from the top down. It's a cultural thing here on the base. Those folks actually maintain it, and they embrace it, and do a great job at it."