Fire Department Loses an Old Friend

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Robert McCormack
  • 134 CES/FD
     On October 29th, 2010 134th ARW Fire Emergency Services Flight firefighters loaded its largest fire truck into a C-5 Galaxy to be delivered to the 101st ARW Bangor, Maine. The OSHKOSH P-15 first came to McGhee Tyson in 1991 and it is believed to be one of the last ones ever manufactured. It was always a reliable piece of equipment and could deliver more water to the scene of an aircraft incident than any other truck in the USAF fire truck fleet. The aging fleet of fire trucks around the nation requires the moving, and replacing of apparatus on a periodic basis to ensure every flying wing is adequately protected with the best possible equipment. Although it will be missed by the firefighters, the flight's capabilities have not been diminished. The 134th Fire Emergency Services has been fortunate to receive a newer airport firefighting truck, a new structural engine, and a new rescue squad vehicle in the last couple of years.