Medical Group First to Recieve Decontamination Training

  • Published
  • By Capt. Jon Barrett
  • 134 MDG Bioenvironmental
     On October 20th -21st, members of the 134th,119th, and TEC conducted training on the Air National Guard's new In-Place Patient Decontamination (IPPD) Kit . The IPPD team consists of personal that will be called upon to provide support during real world accidents or terrorists attacks providing triage and decontamination necessary to prepare patients for transport to local hospitals. This team consists of fulltime staff only and can be mobilized for on and off base response. This course educates personnel on life saving skills required to triage, initiate field treatment, decontaminate and save victims from Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear (CBRN), or Hazardous Materials. Additionally, this course certifies students in all requirements for OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operations (HAZWOPER) course to the "Operations" level. Students wereintroduced to potential contaminants terrorists may use; ways to identify contaminants using basic detection equipment; signs/symptoms of agents; triage of victims; decontaminants necessary to remove contaminants; and most importantly how to effectively decontaminate patients. The final event of training consisted of a "timed" exercise where students worked as a team to decontaminate mock casualties from a terrorist attack using a weapon of mass destruction. The maximum time allotted to construct a fully functional system is 20 minutes. McGhee Tyson personnel accomplished this task in 12 minutes. The Air National Guard Bureau selected McGhee Tyson as the first ANG Base to receive this training and will be implementing lessons learned throughout the ANG. All members of the IPPD Team had great attitudes and performed OUTSTANDING! The following members represent McGheeTyson's IPPD Team: MSgt Kristin Boyanton (Team Leader), SMSgt Brad Higdon (Alt Team Leader), CMSgt Glen Riley (IDMT), MSgt James Ledbetter, MSgt Nadia Berrouet, MSgt Matt Dagnan, MSgt Kevin Przewrocki, MSgt Jack Atkins (IDMT), TSgt Jeff Hurst, TSgt Jama Allen, TSgt Melissa Sands, TSgt Mike Anderson, SSgt Scott Brock, SSgt Andrew Mullis, SSgt Matthew Smith, SSgt Trent Anderson, SSgt William Rutherford, and A1C Korey Meyers. Congratulations on a job well done!