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MTAB Airman & Family Readiness Program

The McGhee Tyson Airman & Family Readiness Program is an officially sanctioned volunteer organization of the Tennessee National Guard that strives to provide information and education to families as well as a support network, especially during periods of separation. We depend on volunteers to make our program work. Traditionally, our support came from spouses of the guard member. However, children of families that volunteer together better understand why their mom or dad is gone and what their parents do while volunteering. Program involvement by the whole family, to include parents, is encouraged! 

State Leadership
Governor: Bill Haslam 
Adjutant General and Spouse: MG Max Haston and Ann Haston

Family Program Leadership
State Family Program Director: LTC Jim Reed
164th Wing Coordinator: Vacant
118th Wing Coordinator: Mrs. Linda Kieser
134th Wing Coordinator: Mr. Steve Latham

Primary Mission
-Provide support and educate the Families of Tennessee Army & Air National Guard members. This includes instilling self reliance particularly while their service members are deployed. The education process begins with educating Family Readiness Groups about the varied resources available to them before, during and after the deployment. 
-Yellow Ribbon Program- This program has made a tremendous difference in how we prepare service members and their families for deployments, but most importantly, for reintegration. The Yellow Ribbon Program provides education, training and support to family members during all cycles of deployment. Increased emphasis is placed on the mental well being of our youth, family and service members.
Strong Bonds program- The program intent is to increase family bonds as well as single service member resiliency. All events in TN are well received and attended.

Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP)
-  The program has allowed us to bring a number of support resources to the table. These programs include the Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC), Red Cross, and Operation Military Kid (OMK). These programs are vital to the well being of service members. .

Event Calendar

Event Dates & Locations

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McGhee Tyson ANGB Family Program

How to Contact Us

The McGhee Tyson Airman & Family Readiness Program represents the 134th Air Refueling Wing, 119th CACS, 241st EIS, Training & Education Center and the 572nd Air Force Band of the Smokies.

Contact Family Program Manager at:
(865) 336-3107 or 1-800-524-5735