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AAFES - Army and Air Force Exchange Service.
AC - Active component. The active duty forces of the military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines
ACS - Army Community Service. This is the name of the family service program of the Army.
AD - Active Duty. Full-time duty in the active Armed Forces
ADT - Active Duty Training. Full time duty for training.
ALLOTMENT - A specified amount of money the National Guard member designates to be paid to a particular place or person each month.
ANG - Abbreviation for Air National Guard
ARNG - Abbreviation for Army National Guard
AT - Annual Training. The 2 week period Reserve and National Guard members must spend in active duty training each year.
AWOL - Absent without leave. When a National Guard or Reserve member is away from the military without authorization.
BAQ - Basic Allowance for Quarters. The monthly housing assistance provided to National Guard or Reserve members who live off the military installation when government housing is not available.
BAS - Abbreviation for basic allowance for substance. The monthly food assistance provided to National Guard and Reserve members who do not eat at military facilities.
BAQ - Basic allowance for quarters
CC - Commander
CHAPLAIN - Military minister
COLORS - National and unit flags
CONUS - Continental United States
CQ - Charge of quarters (duty required after hours)
DEERS - Defense Enrollment Eligibility System
DEROS - Date of estimated return from overseas
DFAS - Defense Finance and Accounting System
DINING IN - Formal social gathering for Guardsmen only
DINING OUT - Formal social gathering of Guardsmen with spouses
DOB - Date of birth
DOD - Department of Defense
DOR - Date of rank
DPP - Deferred payment plan
DSN - Defense switch network
EEO - Equal opportunity employer
ETS - Estimated time of separation
FAC - Family assistance center
FAMILY CARE PLAN - Written instructions for care of family members while sponsor is away from duty station (finances, wills, guardianship etc)
FPC - Family Program Coordinator
FRG - Family Readiness Group
FY - Fiscal year
GI Bill - Education entitlement
GS - General schedule (government civilian employee pay grades)
HAZARDOUS DUTY PAY - Extra pay for duty in hostile area
HOR - Home of record
HQ - Headquarters
HS - Home station
IADT - Initial active duty for training
IG - Inspector General
IRR - Individual Ready Reserve
JAG - Judge Advocate General
JUMPS - Joint Uniform Military Pay System
LEAVE - Approved time away from duty
LES - Leave and earnings statement
MRE - Meals ready to eat
MWR - Morale, welfare and recreation
NAF - Non appropriated funds
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCO - Noncommissioned Officer
NCOA - Noncommissioned Officer Academy
NCOIC - Noncommissioned Office in Charge
NGB - National Guard Bureau
NLT - Not later than
OIC - Officer in charge
OJT - On the job training
ORDERLY ROOM - Squadron office
ORDERS - Spoken or written instructions to guardsmen
PA - Public affairs
POA - Power of attorney
POC - Point of contact
POV - Privately owned vehicle
QTRS - Quarters (living area)
RC - Reserve Component
REG - Regulation
RETREAT - Flag ceremony at end of day
REVEILLE - Flag ceremony at beginning of day
ROTC - Reserve Officer's Training Corps
SEPARATION PAY - Pay for unaccompanied duty
SGLI - Servicemen's Group Life Insurance
SJA - Staff Judge Advocate
SOP - Standard operating procedure
SPACE A - Space available
TAG - The Adjutant General
TAPS - Last bugle call for the day
TDY - Temporary duty
UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice
USC - United States Code
USO - United Service Organization
VA - Department of Veteran's Affairs
VHA - Variable housing allowance
XO - Executive Officer