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Pay Information


Start Pay
Tours of 30 days or more require a certified tour statement (signed orders) in order to start your military pay. It is your responsibility to submit to the Military Pay section a certified tour statement. The certified tour statement may be faxed to DSN 266-4246, commercial (865) 985-4246 or mailed to 134th ARW/FMFS, 134 Briscoe Drive, McGhee Tyson ANG Base, TN 37777-6202 at the beginning of your tour. Your pay will not be started without a certified tour statement. If you fax your tour statement, you should call DSN 266-4244/4297 to ensure that it was received in the pay office.

If you are fully or partially mobilized, MPF will start and stop your base pay. Military Pay will still need a copy of your orders in order to start other pays and allowances. MPF can not stop your pay until the last day of orders, so it is probable that you will be over paid. Once orders are stopped the system will generate a collection for any overpayment.

Base Pay
Base Pay is based on rank and time in service. Rates may be found at the following web site: http://www.dfas.mil.

Basic Allowance Housing (BAH I)
BAH I rate is based on rank, dependency status, and home address zip code on your orders. Rates may be obtained at the following web site: http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/perdiem/bah.html

Members without dependents must provide proof of housing when on contingency orders and staying in government quarters in order to receive the BAH I entitlement. Members who do not provide documentation will be paid at the Partial BAH Rate.

Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS)
BAS Rates for CY 09:
Enlisted: $323.87 per month
Officers: $223.04 per month 

You will earn 2.5 days of leave for each 30 days of your tour, and you will be paid for any unused leave at the end of your tour. Leave is sold at base pay rate and is taxed at 25%. If you take leave while you are TDY, you MUST obtain a leave number from the 134th Finance Office prior to going on leave. Emergency leave is chargeable leave and follows the same guidelines as ordinary leave. Members MUST provide copies of AF Form 988 Part I before going on leave and Part III after returning from leave to the 134th Finance Office. You may obtain a leave number by calling DSN 266-4297/4244.

Hardship Duty Pay (HDP)
You must be at qualifying Area of Eligibility (AOE) for 31 days or more. HDP is prorated and the rate varies by location. $50.00 - $150.00 per month.

Hostile Fire Pay (HFP)
One day in the AOE qualifies you for the entire calendar month. $225.00 per month.

Combat Zone Tax Exclusion (CZTE)

1. One day of mission related duty in the AOE qualifies you for the entire calendar month.
2. Enlisted - All Federal Income Tax Withholding (FITW) and state income taxes are exempt.
3. Officers - FITW is exempt up to the base pay of $7,143.30 per month and state income tax is exempt.
4. Any leave earned in the tax-exempt area is also tax exempt when you use it or sell it.

134 ARW Finance Office must receive a signed letter from your commander authorizing to start pay for HFP, HDP, and CZTE. Letter must state the date arrived in country and estimated departure date.

Family Separation Allowance (FSA)
If you have dependents that reside in your household, FSA may be paid for TDYs 31 days or more. A DD Form 1561 signed by yourself and your commander must be submitted to the 134th military pay office. The DD Form 1561 may be submitted to finance before, during, or after your TDY. Current rate for FSA is $250.00 per month and is prorated $8.33 per day.


Government Travel Card (GTC)
The government sponsored travel card (currently administered by Citibank) is to be used for official government travel only. It is your responsibility to file an accrual voucher for travel entitlements and ensure your government sponsored travel card payments are made. Travel Accruals may be filed through virtual MPF or faxed to the 134th Finance Office. It is your responsibility to file a travel voucher when in-processing upon return to home station. Keep all receipts to file with your final travel voucher.

Lodging, rental car, and all expenses $75.00 or more must have receipts for reimbursement.

Per Diem
With very few exceptions, Per Diem will be $3.50 per day once you arrive in country.

EagleCash is a Stored Value Card that replaces U.S. Currency with secure and convenient "electronic currency." EagleCash Cards may be a mandatory requirement at some locations, and you will receive your card during in-processing at the TDY location. EagleCash Cards can interface with automated kiosk devices located at convenient locations on the camp/base, which allow enrolled cardholders self-service access to funds in their U.S.-based checking or savings accounts. The EagleCash card is used like a debit or gift card and can be used to purchase goods and services at the Post or Base Exchange, postal facility, and most concessionaires on base. Balance on card will be returned to member upon departure.

Savings Deposit Program (SDP)
Participation in SDP is restricted to duty in certain areas of eligibility (AOE) in support of certain operations. Participants must have served at least 30 consecutive days or at least one day in three consecutive months in the AOE. They can deposit any amount of their un-allotted current pay and allowances in multiples of $5 by cash or check. Travel pay is not eligible for deposit. Deposits accrue interest at 10% annually, compounded quarterly until deposits plus interest total $10,000. Simple interest computed on $10,000 thereafter Interest is taxable. Interest does not accrue longer than 90 days after member is no longer eligible to make deposits. Deposits plus interest repaid upon member's request after deposit eligibility expires.

Power of Attorney (POA)
A general POA is REQUIRED before FM personnel can release information about your pay to your spouse or other person. A special POA is REQUIRED to make changes to your account such as banking information, address, or tax withholding. FM must see the POA.

MyPay Web Site
Take charge of your pay using the myPay website. This secure web site requires PIN number access, so request your PIN today! With myPay, you can read and print your LES, get your W-2s for the past five years, enroll in TSP, update your address, and make some other changes. The URL is: https://mypay.dfas.mil.

Restricted Access Pin (RAPIN) allows members to provide a spouse or trusted individual with a view only PIN for myPay. RAPIN can be set by signing into myPay and following instructions from the Main Menu/Personal Settings Page. 
134 ARW/FM Help Line

Travel Pay
TSgt Janice Bridget, DSN 266-4231
SrA Jessica Kreis, DSN 266-4236

Military Pay
SSgt Brian Ricker, DSN 266-4297
MSgt Charles Tullock, DSN 266-4244

DSN 266-4246
Commercial 865-985-4246